Employing an Agent that you trust when you feel let down is easier than you may think! Below are the easy steps required to make changes.

  1. Refer to your current Managing Agency Agreement that you have with your current agent. There will be a notice period that is required to be served. (Generally this can be 30, 60 or 90 days)
  2. Employ your new Managing Agent by signing an up to date Managing Agency Agreement which is required by law in order to have the Agent act on your behalf during the transition period
  3. Have your new Agent serve a signed notice to your current agent terminating their services

The new Agency will then correspond with your current agency to organise file collection and make contact with your new tenant upon receiving all files and documentation.

This simple process can be completed from start to finish by Rick Pignetti and his team at Barone Real Estate.

REMEMBER – Your Property will be one of if not the most expensive assets you own in your life. You deserve to be heard and serviced by the best.