Under the NSW Residential Tenancies Act there are many responsibilities that a landlord has when offering their property to a prospective tenant. It is vital to be as prepared as possible in order to ensure a smooth start and ongoing relationship between you and your new tenant and a

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a must in every residential property. It is a proven fact that they do save lives and are vital in every property in NSW. At a very competitive price your property can have yearly ongoing inspections carried out by specialised smoke alarm inspection companies to ensure that your property meets every standard.

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Safety Checklist

Though a tenant is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the swimming pool it is always encouraged that every landlord take the best steps possible in providing as much information to their tenant in how to continue maintain the swimming pool. The swimming pool checklist, developed by the NSW Water Safety Taskforce in consultation with local councils, has been designed to assist pool owners determine whether their pool fence or other barrier complies with the legislation.

Water Efficiency

If you have your very own water meter you cannot simply charge water usage by taking a meter reading. Under the NSW Residential Tenancies Act, the rental premises must meet required “water efficiency” standards if you are going to charge the tenants for water usage. Qualified plumbers are able to provide a water efficiency and compliance certificate which is kept on file and can be produced to a tenant should there be any concerns about water usage charges.

Pest Control

Owners are recommended to complete a pest control of the property once per year. If you own a property in a Strata complex the Strata will usually complete a pest control on the common grounds however you will still be responsible to organise a pest control internally to your property. If you do approve a tenant to have a pet agreements will be made with your tenant to have the property treated for fleas and in the case where there is carpet professionally steam cleaned however this is not enforceable.

Exterior Cleaning & Garden Tidy Up

Houses should always be presented as you would like them returned. Making sure that all lawns and edges have been cut, gardens manicured and weeding completed will ensure your tenant understands how the exterior of the property is to be maintained during the tenancy. It is also recommended that all eaves are clean and gutters free of any blockages to avoid damage during heavy rains.


In order to have contents insurance tenants will require the property to have adequate security on all doors and windows throughout the property. Making sure that all doors and windows have adequate locks and keys readily available is highly encouraged before commencing a tenancy


It is encouraged that at least three full sets of keys are provided to your Managing Agent prior to renting out your property. This will allow for your tenants generally to have one set each and for your Managing Agent to hold a set in case of an emergency.


Bins must be clean and available for tenant use. In most councils there should be bins available for rubbish, recycling and green waste


One of the most common reasons for claims being made at the NCAT after a tenancy is due to cleaning. It is highly encouraged that you invest in a professional clean and provide that invoice to your ingoing tenant. Though professional cleans are not enforceable when a tenant is vacating having your property provided to the tenant in a manner you would like it returned is one of the first steps in making sure that you have secured a good understanding on how you would like the property maintained and returned once a tenancy has ended.