Mario Quintino Barone arrived in Australia on the 2nd February 1956. After a short time working in APT Mario was quick to find his passion in real estate working in the Petersham area. After some great success in such  a short period of time he made his next move to open a franchise business through his current employer and opened up his very own agency Montano Real Estate in Ashfield.

Though Mario holds thousands of sales transactions to his name through a wonderful career he always kept a finger on the pulse in Property Management. From completing routine inspections to showing prospective tenants through properties Mario Barone will always maintain his success came from a simple method that was used with anyone he worked with. LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and ACT.

Rick Pignetti as a result of his Grandfather’s success was brought into the Real Estate industry at a very young age. He would spend his school holidays with his Grandfather either running errands for him or simply joining any of the other staff members on any of their daily activities. In fact his very first property was leased in his early teenage years when his Grandfather requested that he walk some prospective tenants up Liverpool Road, Ashfield to show them a property which they later secured.

It was in Rick Pignetti’s late teenage years that he knew Real Estate would most probably be his chosen profession after school and though his Grandfather would retire and sell his business prior to him completing his HSC he knew that he had found his calling.

With his Grandfather’s support and the tireless effort of his employers over his already now 15 years career he would eventually come back to Ashfield and attempt to bring a new school mentality with an old school approach and so Barone Real Estate was formed.